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This is a guest blog by Mark Daily from The Bradford Home in Tucson.

Growing up in Tucson, I was fortunate to have two of the best parents a son could
have. They did everything in their power to provide a safe, loving, nurturing environment
to grow up in. Their first priority was always their children which gave me the
opportunity to be successful in what ever I pursued. Little did I know that my parents
were providing me with the gift and foundation to pass on to others in the assisted
living field as a caregiver.

It’s funny how at 20 years old, we think we know everything, then at 30 years old we
start realizing that Mom & Dad were right about a lot of things. At 40 years old and on,
we all tend to really fall back in love with our parents and now it’s our turn to care for
them, as they did for us for so many years. The Bradford Home is here to do just that,
provide the best possible care for our loved ones.

The establishment of the Bradford Home will meet the needs of those who can no
longer live alone. The standards will always be high when it comes to quality of care,
providing a home where one will enjoy a dignified lifestyle and an independent environment
to thrive in with an emphasis on compassion.

It will always be our position that our residents come first and we are here to serve
them. Our daily goal is to make sure residents feel that we are family, among friends
and offer everlasting companionship. Our loved ones have been touching that light in
all of us, all of our lives. There comes a time when it’s our turn to touch their light.
We feel it is important that we all realize that the most important things in life are family,
relatives and friends. These are the real treasures in life. When we leave this world,
a person is not measured by what he has or owns but by the friends he has and the
good deeds he has done for others.

Mark Daily

The Bradford Home
710 N. Mann Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85710
Phone: 520-298-0232