The Arizona Assisted Living and Disclosure Bill is getting closer to being passed. Both the Arizona House and Senate have passed versions of the bill, and an amended version has been sent back to the House for final approval. It’s a pretty short bill, and here are the essentials as of now:

It applies to “referral agencies”, defined as a person or entity that provides referrals for a fee. Referral agencies do not include an assisted living facility or its employees, or a resident of an assisted living facility or their family. Assisted living facilities are defined as residential care institutions, including an adult foster care home, that provide or contract to provide supervisory care services, personal care services or directed care services on a continuous basis. The bill will likely cover everyone in the senior housing referral business.

It requires referral agencies to disclose the following to prospective residents or their representatives:

· That they have a business relationship with the assisted living facility

· That they are paid a fee by the assisted living facility

· The amount of the fee

· The disclosures need to be made in writing, and signed by the referral agency and the prospective resident or their representative

Assisted living facilities can’t pay a fee to the referral agency until they get a copy of the signed disclosure statement. The bill also provides for a fine of $1,000 for any referral agency that violates these requirements.

The bill is still going through the legislative process. I’ll keep you posted of any developments.